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Home again, home again, jiggedy jig. 13.08.2015
Eighteen hour layover in Guangzhou 13.08.2015
Overnight in Amsterdam 13.08.2015
On wasteland, and through the barricades.... 07.08.2015
We can be heroes, just for one day.... 05.08.2015
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.... 04.08.2015
Achtung baby I'm riding on the U2 03.08.2015
Art for Art's sake part 2 31.07.2015
Art for Art's Sake 31.07.2015
A morning in the Old Town of Prague 28.07.2015
Prague Castle part 2 27.07.2015
And then there's Prague- Castle part 1 26.07.2015
Adam and Eve as you've never seen them before.... 23.07.2015
"96 is a special number in Hungary" 22.07.2015
Being a Guerrilla Tourist in Budapest 20.07.2015
I'm not walking around in 42 degrees... 19.07.2015
Budapest takes it to another level.... 18.07.2015
Memories of Belgrade 14.07.2015
Belgrade...Tesla, Saint Sava, and my happy place.. 11.07.2015
Zemun and Belgrade....Two Forts on the Danube 08.07.2015
Finding my feet in Belgrade 07.07.2015
A Tale of Two Bridges on the Bosphorus 06.07.2015
Istanbul - from the Galata tower to Ominonu.. 04.07.2015
One of the things I didn't do in Istanbul.... 02.07.2015
Istanbul....Next bite 01.07.2015
Like eating an elephant, where do you start? 01.07.2015
I learn that there is nothing new under the sun... 25.06.2015
Hot up on the hill, and military funny walks 24.06.2015
A tale of two Museums, a big un and a little un 23.06.2015
My first day and finding my feet in Athens 22.06.2015
Bologna is boring..and that is just what I needed. 19.06.2015
St. Marks square during a thunder storm, and after 17.06.2015
The magical island of Burano 16.06.2015
Between the thunderstorms, my first day in Venice 13.06.2015
My name is Alan... I am addicted to art galleries 10.06.2015
A morning stroll around Florence 09.06.2015
St Peter's Basilica 05.06.2015
The Vatican magical mystery tour... 03.06.2015
Now that's what you call a Basilica !! 02.06.2015
Two days of wanderings around Rome 01.06.2015
Doh......RUINS means they are in ruins! 31.05.2015
Museum of Fine Arts Sevilla 27.05.2015
Virgin of Hope Macarena, bullfighter's Patroness 26.05.2015
Plaza de Espana Seville is Amazing 26.05.2015
Magic mushrooms, but not what you're thinking.. 25.05.2015
Utrera....a place in the sun... 24.05.2015
A lunchtime Beethoven septet at the Concertgebouw 18.05.2015
Another day, another amazing museum...Rijksmuseum. 17.05.2015
Why did I buy an umbrella at the markets? 15.05.2015
Windmills and a Noddy house on steroids... 14.05.2015
Wheeled suitcases don't like Amsterdam 14.05.2015
My night in the slums of Guangzhou..... 13.05.2015
Introduction to this year's travels.... 08.02.2015